Online Power Backup

Facility managers are under increasing pressure to provide a reliable, stable supply of electricity under a wide range of operating conditions. Systems and processes have steadily grown less tolerant of power disturbances. What once might have been considered to be little more than a minor inconvenience today could result in major disruptions and losses to the facility and its occupants.

The problem for facility managers is that in spite of their best efforts, power disturbances will occur. While some may be the result of problems within the facility itself, most are due to events that are outside of the facility and therefore beyond the control of the facility manager. Faults in the utility’s distribution system, voltage spikes, voltage sags, brownouts, and blackouts can all cause interference or interruption in service.

Facility managers have multiple tools at their disposal when looking for ways to improve the reliability of their electrical power system. For large facilities with critical operations, redundant electrical supplies offer one level of protection. Battery powered units with built-in inverters can offer short-term protection for smaller loads. But for most applications, the most commonly applied means of improving the reliability of a facility’s electrical supply is the backup generator. And for those facilities with loads that cannot tolerate even a momentary loss of power, or that require a clean, stable source of power, there is the Online UPS system.

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